AppSense EM 8 FR 5, AM 8 FR 8 and AMC 8 FR 6 are now available for download!

By James Rankin | 24th July 2014

Just a quick spot of news today….the new versions of AppSense software we discussed in a previous post are now on GA and available on for download. There are over 250 new features available in this release, most of them in response to customer feedback, so there should be a level of maturity and stability in this release that will make it a lot more palatable to some of the hardened AppSense admins out there.

The biggest change, as I alluded to previously, is the Windows Personalization section. As soon as I’ve downloaded the GA version and had some time to check it over, I should have an article out discussing the finer points of this change.

Happy installing and/or upgrade planning!

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