AppSense Performance Manager 8 FR 2 released

By James Rankin | 15th January 2014

Happy New Year all!

Just a quick one today. Over on the AppSense blog, the release of AppSense Performance Manager 8 FR 2 has been announced. Us Twitter-zens are informed by AppSense’s marketing bod Gareth Kitson that the software should be available for download on MyAppSense at approximately 4pm UK time today (15 January).

It’s about a year (I think) since Performance Manager 8.1 was released, and many of you will know that PM doesn’t tend to get updated very often. Neither does it tend to change very much when it does get an update – normally minor functionality changes or bug fixes is all the Performance Manager software is entitled to, poor mite.

Well, today they’ve actually done something groundbreaking and released 8 FR 2 with template configurations. Yes, how overdue are these! I know you’ve had the Best Practices guide and my own article I did on Performance Manager setup to guide you in the interim, but it’s long overdue to be in the software itself. I am reliably informed that it comes with configurations optimized for General Purpose, Physical Desktop, RDS and VDI. Excellent stuff!

On top of that, Performance Manager now joins the rest of the suite by being able to save configurations directly into SCCM. So not one but two functionality additions for poor old PM. It won’t know what to do with itself. 🙂

You can read the official AppSense blog on this at Here’s hoping that your Performance Manager instances will now be optimized to the full the world over!

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