Business IT Strategy

Setting out the path for maximising the performance of your enterprise.

HTG believes everything you do today is facilitated by technology. HTG works with its customers to define their vision and plan how to get them there. We deliver the technological solutions you need to run your business, which is cost-effective as well as being flexible to ensure long term value for money.

HTG will work with you on your entire IT journey, ensuring you don’t get stuck along the way. Through collaboration, we’ll create a lasting legacy of improvement and performance.

Businesses rely on technology that supports their wider business strategy and provide a competitive edge through operational excellence or flexibility and innovation. HTG supports customers in the development of an IT strategy that will support this and ensure long-term value.

The biggest challenges when creating a Business IT Strategy are:

  • How will your strategy support new business models?
  • Will new technology work with your legacy hardware and software?
  • How can you ensure your technical needs are supported now and into the future?
  • Will being innovative affect business strategies?

How HTG create the right Business IT Strategy for you:

The senior staff at HTG hold personal relationships with all our partner’s senior leadership teams and can cut through the “red tape” to get things done. We know what products and services are on the horizon for our partners. Through this knowledge HTG can advise customers what the future holds, instilling confidence in the Business IT Strategies we create.

HTG stands shoulder to shoulder with our customers and partners, breaking down barriers by providing innovative solutions and allowing our customers to work effectively and achieve beyond their expectations.

Our consultants take a collaborative approach when developing your Business IT Strategy with you. They will demonstrate how each solution meets your business goals and supports your business capabilities – showing you the art of what’s possible through available technology solutions.

HTG can provide Business IT Strategies in a modular fashion based on where your business is on its IT journey.

We understand some businesses may have already created a Business IT Strategy and only need support or advice with one or two areas of their strategy.

HTG has developed the below methodology to support customers with the five keys areas when creating a Business IT Strategy,


Ensuring Technology Oversight

To stay relevant business must ensure IT deliver a technology strategy that fulfils all business needs without adding unnecessary complexity to an already complex landscape. HTG will ensure the strategy that is created for your business will support the following needs:

  • Fast and responsive – for the ‘always on’ customer.
  • Fully mobile and secure – to connect people on the move.
  • Utilise specialist COTS software – to minimise workarounds.
  • Supports virtualisation and cloud – to reduce costs and increase performance.

Whatever your business drivers and IT challenges are

HTG will ensure the Business IT Strategy we create supports you no matter what your business drivers and IT challenges are:

  • Merger or Acquisition?
  • Unsecure IT environments?
  • Adopting new technological innovation?
  • Getting value for money?
  • Aligning business goals to an IT Strategy?

HTG will work with you to create the best Business IT Strategy and find the right solutions to address your requirements.

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