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Migration to the Cloud made easy.

The use of cloud services is growing exponentially. A recent survey by the Cloud Security Alliance found that an overwhelming 64.9% of IT leaders think the cloud is as secure or more secure than on-premises software – further echoing the rate of adoption and acceptance of cloud in the workplace.

Determining a Cloud Service

Cloud services fall under three main categories, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a service (SaaS) – but determining which is best suited for you is where HTG makes that decision easy.

Delivering cloud services

When deciding how to leverage cloud services, your organisation must also decide which type of environment works best for the business: Public cloud, Private cloud, or a mix of both! HTG will alleviate this pain by assessing your current architecture before determining which environment will work best for you.

The SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS examples all provide public cloud-based services with the biggest benefit being the ability to share resources at scale, allowing your organisation to offer employees more capabilities than would likely be possible alone.


With a Private cloud services model, apps and data are made available through your organisation’s own internal infrastructure. The platform and software serve one company alone, and for those companies that work with highly sensitive data, such as those in the healthcare and banking industries, can often use private clouds to leverage advanced security protocols and extend resources in a virtualised environment, as needed.

Key benefits of Cloud Services

Key advantages of using cloud services include:

Ability to scale 

HTG can supply all necessary infrastructure and software, alleviating the need for you to invest in your own resources to manage the service and therefore making it easy to scale our solution as your needs change. 

Cost effective

Many cloud services are provided on a monthly or annual subscription basis, eliminating the need to pay for on-premises software licenses. This allows you to access software, storage and other services without needing to invest in the underlying infrastructure or handle maintenance and upgrades. 

Increased flexibility 

You can procure our services on an on-demand, as-needed basis. When there’s no longer a need for a particular application or platform, you can cancel your subscription or shut down the service. 

Arbeia Secure Digital Workspace - transition to the Cloud

Arbeia Secure Digital Workspace is HTG’s single, centralised, managed hybrid cloud platform containing our managed service wrap around.

It offers you a secure, cost-effective, and highly scalable solution allowing your employees to work locally, nationally, and globally with personalised access to the tools and systems they need. It has been designed to address the complex IT issues often associated with moving to a cloud environment including VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft.

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