Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

Is your business prepared for the unforseeable?

Many businesses are heavily reliant on technology to run daily operations in the workplace. Many of these organisations either do not have the budget required to implement a full-blown disaster recovery plan on their own, or they are unaware of the importance of having a disaster recovery plan in place.

Can you afford the downtime?

If your business has become heavily reliant on high availability technology, any type of disruption will lower the tolerance among staff and customers, in the event of a disaster that causes extensive downtime.

Have you thought of all of the possibilities?

You will likely experience loss of revenue if there is an outage for an extended length of time. Some disasters may be improbable, but it is still important to recognise the possibility of it occurring for disaster recovery purposes. Any type of disaster that causes a disruption in daily business operations can be devastating for a small organisation.

The solution is simple

Disaster recovery is all that much more important for a small organisation. With no disaster recovery plan, you are placing your business at high risk of data and/or financial loss, reduction in customer service and retention and loss of company reputation. That is a lot to sacrifice when there are numerous affordable options to help your business avoid the risks of failing to integrate a disaster recovery plan into your business continuity strategy.

There are a broad range of disasters that can be caused by nature, technology and humans that lead to situations where your business needs to recover quickly. Although certain types of disasters may seem improbable, it is still critically important to recognise even the slightest possibility of a disaster to ensure you can rapidly restore daily business functions even on rare occurrences.

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