IT Health Check

IT Health Check

HTG is currently offering a confidential review of IT systems and infrastructure to small and medium-sized businesses in North East England and the surrounding areas. As a local company offering a full range of IT services, we can give you expert advice on how to improve security and efficiency, and reduce costs.

Would you like to know more about the IT infrastructure, software or websites that operate in your organisation and whether they are effective, optimised and functioning correctly?

HTG conduct full or partial IT systems audits, health checks and capacity planning services that can be used to collate and document all of the relevant information about your IT computer systems, software and licensing, websites, intranets and portals.

We will identify the type of audit you require and ensure that we gather meaningful information that can be used for effective analysis, as well as provide financial, logistical and IT strategy planning if required.

Once we have documented the technology you use, the next step is to conduct a systems health check that can save you time and money by identifying problems, errors, performance, compatibility and security issues.

Our expert staff can help you to optimise your IT systems and highlight key areas that require attention. We will help predict potential problems that may cause disruption to your business systems in the future. Your health check and capacity plan will also enable you to plan future system upgrades to gain the maximum benefit from your IT investment.

As part of a full IT audit, we can also offer a dedicated security penetration test of your network infrastructure, software, websites or any other IT system by simulating an attack from malicious parties. This will identify vulnerabilities, the operational impact of such attacks and lead to recommendations to improve security.

The IT audit and health check reports we produce can ensure that your organisation gains a better understanding of the availability, integrity, suitability and reliability of your current infrastructure and automation systems.

We can provide installation and configuration, IT support and maintenance or managed IT services to deliver any of the improvements that we recommend during an audit or health check.

Additionally, we offer a complete systems design service to supply tailored business computing environments, bespoke software for small- to medium-sized businesses and enterprise-size organisations.


What are the benefits of using FULL SYSTEM AUDIT?

Quick and accurate discovery of the HARDWARE & Software you use. Automatic identification and reconciliation between installed software and licenses held. Being able to report on – and match licenses against – the software you have installed is vital when preparing for a Software audit.

Save costs by identifying, removing or reallocating software where it’s not needed or used. Active software usage monitoring helps you reduce IT expenditure. With both common and costly software (such as Microsoft Office or SQL Server) over or incorrectly assigned licenses can easily amount to thousands of pounds in wasted costs.

Reduce exposure to fines and legal action whilst consolidating your license documents into one secure, easily accessible system. Many lawsuits result in fines from the software vendors, the British Software Alliance (BSA) or the “Federation against software theft” (FAST), with payments increasingly landing in the hundreds of thousands of pounds’ region.

Gain visibility of where costly I.T. hardware is and how it is being used. Track the use of the hardware you have invested in (including off-site laptops) and make more informed decisions to reallocate and replace in a more cost effective manner.

Improve security by tracking and reporting on patch/hotfix deployment throughout your network and identifying the use of unauthorised software.

Enable the optimisation of purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilisation and disposal of the software and hardware assets within your organisation.


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