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Enterprise-level Professional Services at hand when access
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If you are contemplating introducing a solution to increase productivity or looking to deliver a strategy that will cultivate growth, our Professional Services division is geared towards helping accomplish that for you, doing it once, doing it right, everywhere. Comprising highly certified Technical Architects and Consultants within our EUC, Data Centre and Cloud, Network and Security, Strategy, and Productivity practices, we can support business imperatives by offering informed advice and becoming your trusted technology advisor.

If you’re looking to reduce your overheads while maximising the return on investment you get for your IT services, then our five-stage model is the answer that your business is looking for. Providing qualified expert consultancy and services based on five key offerings which can be procured in a modular fashion, HTG will complement your existing ICT Team, or as an entirely managed service, we will take responsibility for the end to end delivery and management of your ICT services.

No need to feel overwhelmed

Considering the number of threats and risks your organisation faces each day, if you manage your own support, it could be that your team may be spending too much time and effort on a task that feels impossible. With the amount of held data increasing and at risk each day, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to keep on top of all the components protecting your IT infrastructure.

HTG is well versed in understanding how stressful this process can be for you. If you are looking to reduce your overheads while maximising the return on investment from your IT services, talk to us about our Professional Services.

Professional Services tailored for you

Our approach provides qualified, expert consultancy, and services based on five key stages – Vision, Assess, Design, Transform, and Operate. Regardless of where you are in your digital transformation journey, if you only need certain services, we can apply the stage relevant to your requirement.

This process gives you access to HTG’s ITIL certified solution architects.


To be able to define your digital vision and meet your business objectives, we will take our time to understand your business.


We conduct a health check of your IT environment to assess your current systems and determine its suitability in line with your requirements. Based on the report, we’ll be in a position to inform you of how we can help you move forward.


We will present a bespoke strategy that is aligned with your objectives and identifies what you need in place to meet them.


We will implement and manage the delivery of the new model to achieve successful and transformative results.


We can provide ongoing day-to-day management or consultancy to keep your business running smoothly.

Complementing your team with our Managed Service

HTG’s Managed Service comprises technical experts who are here to work with and become a valued extension of your internal IT team. It’s their remit to actively support, resolve and assist when required, remaining in the background and primed to proactively monitor and repair your IT systems at times when your team doesn’t.  

Our Managed Services team is dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction. This is attained through them providing our highest level of service standards and care to you, consistently delivered through our responsiveness, passion, integrity, knowledge, flexibility, and technical expertise. These traits are synonymous with HTG and are what makes your customer journey with us a fulfilling experience.

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