Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote Monitoring and Management

HTG run a remote monitoring and management service from our 24×7 ISO27001 certified Technical Support Centre. This service provides a complete real time analysis of our client’s infrastructure as well as supporting various business critical applications.

We identify potential issues before they evolve into problems using our insights engine which may affect business operations, as well as proactively addressing system failures should they occur. In addition, the service includes the 24×7 proactive management of cloud, hybrid cloud, on-premises and services in scope, in order to eliminate uncontrolled change, promote standardisation and adopt best practice around configuration and patch management.

Utilising our expertise, we can work closely with third parties and dedicated resolver groups to ensure that we maintain a well-managed IT estate on behalf of our customers. Our Technical Support Centre guarantees that your systems are running in an optimal state and we take action before an incident occurs, reducing risk and minimising downtime and outages for your business.

Key Benefits

- Productive
- Secure
- Certified


Action is taken before an incident occurs


Risk is reduced and downtime and outages minimised for your business


ISO27001 certified

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