Mergers and Acquisitions

Combining businesses can be difficult.

Combining the IT of two companies is always difficult. We have seen this, and understand that staff productivity is key to success of your organisation. Our focus is to provide the best possible experience and to have as little, or no disruption, to your organisation.

Where do you start?

It is essential that any business where a Merger, Acquisition or integration has taken place, looks at the potential effects on the IT infrastructure, early in the process.


Are the two businesses compatible? How easy will it be to transfer one companies data across to another? Have you thought about what business would be best suited to take on the move?

Are you ready?

HTG can help to ensure a smooth transition with a clear plan from day one, paying close attention to key requirements across processes and functions.

We work closely with you to develop a plan for long-term integration and rationalisation, ensuring the least amount of downtime possible.

Technology integration is a critical element of any merger or acquisition and one of the most daunting. HTG can help you avoid risks and transform this challenge into a competitive advantage and do so as smoothly as possible.

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