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Traditional data centre infrastructure is struggling to keep pace with business today. Change in the structure of data centres has been necessitated by advances in technology and the demands of businesses requiring agile, scalable, efficient, and secure IT solutions. A modern data centre has become fundamental to the digital workspace, offering a secure and flexible environment from which to host your business apps, data, processes, and files.

Talk to us about how we can help modernise your data centre so that you can begin to realise the full potential of your IT infrastructure
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Deploying leading technologies

Excellent user experience can only be delivered from a modern data centre. Hence, the modern data centre must be highly available, highly efficient, and highly automated, as well as secure, cost-effective and adaptable.

In an increasingly competitive environment, aspirations of improved organisational agility and data efficiency are now requirements for organisations across all industries that want to compete and drive modernisation. With leading technologies at our disposal, HTG uses its in-depth knowledge and experience in those products to blend together the latest innovations in data centre infrastructure and cloud technology, thereby enabling modernisation.

Data Centre Optimisation

Data centres should be the epitome of health and efficiency. However, inefficiencies build over time resulting in instability and elevated risk. This ultimately impacts business operations, security, and compliance.

HTG’s data centre optimisation specialists can help you identify and remediate these issues. Our team will decrease the data centre’s complexity, unlock capacity, reduce immediate risks to your business and your IT operating expenses, as well as improving the management and controls to meet compliance requirements. Our team can also help you evolve further through Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), using software-defined, and cloud-enabled, technologies. Talk to us about improving and modernising your data centre to realise efficiencies.

Hyperconvergence technology

In today’s IT environment, the only thing constant is change – emerging and maturing trends are piling expectations on existing IT infrastructure systems and their teams. Those teams are looking for ways to deliver on-premises IT services with the speed and operational efficiency of public cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, for example.

A comprehensive Enterprise cloud platform bridges the gap between traditional infrastructure and public cloud services – and hyperconvergence is at the core of an Enterprise or Hybrid cloud. Rapid developments and improvements have transitioned it into a powerful solution that encompasses the benefits of both private, on-premises data centres, and cloud scaling capabilities.

In addition to promoting operational efficiency, reducing infrastructure costs, and radically improving data centre reliability and resilience, the latest advances in Hyperconvergence technology include:

  • Built-in backup and replication capabilities, improving data protection.
  • Easy workload migration and cloud services deployment.
  • Cloudlike scalability, accommodating fluctuations in compute power and storage needs.
  • Ability to process massive amounts of data at the edge of your network infrastructure.


Specialist in Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

As a VMware, Nutanix, and Dell partner, HTG is a specialist in Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI). The Nutanix NX or Dell VxRail HCI are turnkey systems that blend performance and simplicity, are quick to deploy, manage, and scale plus will reduce cost and the day-to-day admin.

HTG has access to exclusive products and solutions making us your ideal partner for storage, servers, converged infrastructure, networking, data protection, and security. Such is our partner status, we can offer our customers best value through our hardware fulfilment service, enabling your business to stay competitive and secure.

Backup & Replication service

Many legacy data protection systems are not suited to hybrid cloud, physical servers, or cloud-based systems. With downtime now becoming unacceptable for businesses, a more reliable solution is needed.

Backup and replication allow your businesses to achieve comprehensive data protection for all workloads, including physical, virtual, and cloud.

HTG’s service provides fast, flexible, and reliable backup of all your applications and data using only a single console, combining backup and replication together into a single software solution.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud gives businesses the ability to seamlessly scale their on-premises infrastructure up to the public cloud to handle any overflow. By allowing data and applications to move between Private and Public clouds, a Hybrid cloud gives your business greater flexibility, more deployment options, and helps optimise your existing infrastructure, security, and compliance. Hybrid cloud also reduces cost and makes local resources available for your business to store more sensitive data or applications.

If you wish to combine the services of public cloud with private cloud, HTG is best placed to make this happen for you. We’ll advise which solution is most suited for your business.

Key benefits of Data Centre Virtualisation

By utilising virtualisation, software-defined data centres provide benefits that traditional data centres can't match:

Cost reduction

Minimising the amount of hardware in use by virtualising servers, storage, and networking resources - reduces equipment expenditure.

Rapid deployment

In a virtualised environment, a redeployment can be completed within minutes.

Cloud migration

Transitioning to virtual machines brings a data centre a step closer to becoming a cloud environment.

Risk free testing

A virtual environment is ideal for running tests. Isolated from end users, tests can be conducted while maintaining regular services.

Improved DR

Disaster recovery can be handled more quickly and easily in a virtualised environment through replication.

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