30th June 2020

Future of workspace webinar – the highlights!

In our recently held webinar entitled ‘Future of Workspace: Maximising the potential of homeworking’, we discussed with our solutions partners IGEL and Citrix, the impact of COVID on organisations and how together we can help them to continue to thrive from a technology perspective. 

Indeed, as COVID mandated that organisations take unprecedented efforts to enable their employees to work remotely (having invoked their various business continuity plans), how effective has that process really been from…

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2nd June 2020

Webinar – Future of workspace: Maximising the potential of homeworking

Join HTG in conversation with our solution partners Citrix and IGEL Technology on 24th June 2020 at 3:30 pm discussing the future of workspace and how collectively we are helping to maximise the potential of homeworking.
The recent COVID-19 pandemic has mandated that organisations take unprecedented efforts to enable their employees to work remotely. Although many organisations have invoked their various business continuity plans and enabled their workforce to work remotely through accessing desktops, applications, and data -…

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12th March 2020

IGEL, WVD and HTG – a refreshing solution for secure agile working.

The Covid-19 outbreak is currently having a major impact on businesses and is set to be a major challenge for enterprise throughout the rest of the financial year.

If your organisation is affected by the need to provide the infrastructure and support for large-scale homeworking of employees, cloud technology is the solution. HTG can deliver best in breed virtual desktops from Microsoft, Citrix Cloud, VMware and Amazon workspaces.

We make no apologies for advising on moving to a modern, agile workspace…

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24th February 2020

Ransomware… Don’t be the next victim!

Is your business running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 without extended Microsoft support? If so, are you aware that your business is vulnerable to security, reliability and compliance issues?
Using unsupported Software? Your Security could be compromised!
With technical support, software updates, fixes, and security updates for Windows 7 and Windows 2008/2008 R2 no longer supported, desktops and laptops have reduced defences making them less reliable and vulnerable to attack.

Ransomware attacks are one…

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15th January 2020

How Curry’s PC World could have been fined up to £17 Million for their security and data breach

The parent company of Curry’s PC World, DSG Retail Limited has been fined £500,000 after its point of sale system was breached by hackers, thought to have affected around 14 million customers.

Due to a failure in security measures hackers were able to install malware onto 5,390 computer systems and tills located at Curry’s PC World and Dixon Travel outlets between July 2017 and April 2018. According to an investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office…

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9th January 2020

Travelex held to ransom by cyber attackers – don’t let this be you…

As reported in the national press, London-based foreign exchange firm Travelex has been held to ransom by cyber attackers who said they will expose sensitive customer details unless paid millions by Travelex.

The hackers are reported to have been looking for €5 million to release the company from its ransom. They claim to have possession of credit card information, dates of birth and national ID numbers.

Ransomware works by hackers targeting companies with malicious programs that…

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