Travelex held to ransom by cyber attackers – don’t let this be you…


Travelex held to ransom by cyber attackers – don’t let this be you…

9th January 2020

As reported in the national press, London-based foreign exchange firm Travelex has been held to ransom by cyber attackers who said they will expose sensitive customer details unless paid millions by Travelex.

The hackers are reported to have been looking for €5 million to release the company from its ransom. They claim to have possession of credit card information, dates of birth and national ID numbers.

Ransomware works by hackers targeting companies with malicious programs that can cripple systems overseeing everything from supply chains to payments to manufacturing, removing them only after receiving substantial payments.

Open to attack

One in five PCs currently face security worries from next Tuesday when Microsoft withdraws security support from computers running Windows 7. The security shutoff means that if a ‘Wannacry’ style virus is released in the coming weeks or months, Windows 7 desktops and laptops will have reduced defences, leading to a potentially large loss of data.


How HTG can help

With Windows 7 end of life support ending next week (14th January 2020), Microsoft won’t provide technical support, software updates, fixes, and security updates after this date. HTG therefore strongly advises you upgrade to Windows 10 now.

Making the transition to Windows 10 is an opportunity to move your organisation to a much faster and more dynamic environment. Moving to the cloud with Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) for example, will not only enable you to experience modern workspace solutions incorporating Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 but also provides an extra 3 years support for Windows 7, free of charge – bringing together the best-in-class productivity of Office 365, along with peace of mind security. Essentially, you will be receiving everything you need, whenever you need it and everywhere you need it.

As a dedicated partner with Microsoft, Citrix and VMware, HTG’s knowledge, expertise and professionalism will ensure seamless transition from your Windows 7 environment.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner and licence reseller, we can also advise you on cost optimisation of your licences to ensure you are gaining best value. We can demonstrate the value to you.



Regardless of the platform you’re currently on, HTG is offering you strategic advice to formulate your business objectives. If this is of interest to you call us on 0191 4813446 or email and we’ll be pleased to help.


Don’t be left behind, make that transition today with HTG.

Engaging HTG is Realising Possibility.

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