Howell Technology Group set to launch Secure Digital Workspace


Howell Technology Group set to launch Secure Digital Workspace

6th July 2018

Global IT consultancy, Howell Technology Group (HTG) is enabling the digital transformation of its customers by launching a Secure Digital Workspace to deliver a flexible workspace to employees locally, nationally and globally.

HTG’s new Secure Digital Workspace is a single, centralised, easy-to-manage cloud platform, which delivers anytime, anywhere access to all applications, services, and resources across all devices, meaning lower operation and maintenance costs. It’s cost-effective and highly scalable, giving businesses the flexibility to increase or decrease the service depending on the business need.

The growth in cloud service adoption is changing how employees access their work, with a move from a desktop machine and traditional software to more portable devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.  However, businesses face the challenge of moving critical applications to the cloud securely and ensuring compatibly.

HTG works closely with clients to understand their business goals and define their digital vision and strategic roadmap – delivering real and impactful change.

HTG has delivered many Enterprise Cloud Solutions and has first-hand experience of the complex issues moving into a Cloud Environment can cause as well as how to address them. Issues such as transferring business-critical applications into the cloud, delayed print and profile optimisation are all addressed within HTG’s Secure Digital Workspace providing businesses a seamless transition to the cloud.

For further information on HTG’s services and the upcoming launch of the Secure Digital Workspace, call us on 0191 4813446 or email

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