IGEL, WVD and HTG – a refreshing solution for secure agile working.


IGEL, WVD and HTG – a refreshing solution for secure agile working.

12th March 2020

The Covid-19 outbreak is currently having a major impact on businesses and is set to be a major challenge for enterprise throughout the rest of the financial year.

If your organisation is affected by the need to provide the infrastructure and support for large-scale homeworking of employees, cloud technology is the solution. HTG can deliver best in breed virtual desktops from Microsoft, Citrix CloudVMware and Amazon workspaces.

We make no apologies for advising on moving to a modern, agile workspace and the solutions that space offers. It’s an informed choice for businesses wishing to deploy and scale desktops and apps in minutes; all with built-in security and compliance. So, if you are looking to quickly move to the cloud and utilise virtualisation, one such solution is Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365 on Azure via the UD Pocket.

To further help secure and ease the consumption of virtualised desktops, the IGEL operating system and UD Pocket can be deployed to any x86 device, turning it into a secure workspace, pre-configured to connect to the cloud delivered applications. Secure remote configuration and management is possible thanks to the IGEL Cloud Gateway ensuring that IT has complete visibility and control from endpoint to the cloud.

We are here to help. Contact us now and we’ll listen to your issues and work together to determine the solution that is right for your enterprise.

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