Office 365

Real-time email performance for
virtual and published desktops

The Technical Problem of using Office 365 in VDI

Using Office 365 in a virtual desktop environment comes with technical problems. For instance, you must have Outlook in Cached Exchange Mode to get the performance required for Enterprise class use.

The behaviour of .OST on WAN and LAN links:

  • All operations take longer

  • Write operations can take 4x longer than read operations

  • Outlook has slower performance than Exchange client

  • Timeouts on client operations

Real-Time Email Performance

"I want my employees focused on creating value, not dealing with slow applications and calling the help desk."

Introducing Office 365 Container

The industry’s first container-based email optimization solution provides real-time email performance for virtual and published desktop users on Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, and AWS.

  • Improves Email Performance 300% Over Other Solutions

  • Simple Drop-In Installation and AD Configuration using GPOs

  • Increase Employee Productivity an average of 40 Hours Annually

  • Reduce File Server Utilization by 80%

  • Eliminate Network Traffic from Login Storms

How does it work?

Flux containers attach as in-guest VHD(x), while FSLogix translate file based actions into streaming data (Patent Pending).

GPO Based Management allows

  • GPO .ADMX/.ADML templates
  • Simple rules
  • Small footprint application
  • No reboot required

Infrastructure requirements are simple:

  • Use Existing CIFS/SMB Servers
  • Optimize Storage Performance

Deep Dive

Get the inside track on Office 365 Container and its impact on resolving performance issues

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Strategic Initiatives

"I need to support our strategic company initiatives without risking lost productivity and team members frustrated by IT issues."

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