Don't let legacy systems hold your business to ransom. Containerise your toxic applications.

Why Containerisation?

Business critical applications depend on end of life legacy toxic environments, which are vulnerable to security risks. Your business is at risk until toxic legacy assets are removed.

  • The time needed to fix/migrate applications in order to secure environment generates high cost with lengthy timescales - sometimes 2-3 years.

  • HTG can solve this problem and reduce your security risk by containerising your existing legacy systems and environment, in as little as 30 days.

HTG Options

Introduce third party tools to minimise security exposure

Rapidly decommission unsupported platforms by moving applications into a secure container, without making any changes to the application.

  • Enables unsupported legacy applications to be presented onto a secure modern platform

  • Facilitates the rapid deployment of a Secure Environment by removing application restrictions and dependencies on legacy operating systems and web browsers

  • Provides security and compliance by virtualising XP based applications and migrating them onto supported, patched and updated secure platform – reducing security risks & compliance

  • Provides a data centre agnostic delivery model  – allows application agility and easy movement of the applications to a new service provider/data centre or cloud

  • Allows the removal of application complexity across the entire estate – reducing cost and risk. Applications are packaged only once – reducing cost and risk. Virtualised applications can be accessed from any device

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