Device Management

Device Management

Users are demanding the freedom to choose their own devices, use any app and access their e-mail and documents from anywhere. Organisations require a solution that address user expectations, while also meeting IT’s need for security. Mobile Device Manager software can deliver these requirements for those needing to work on the go.

Our solutions are built on a highly secure architecture and integrates directly with Microsoft Active Directory, Windows Azure mobile services and public key infrastructure systems, as well as security information and event management tools.

Users can self-service enroll their devices and IT can provision policies and apps to large groups of devices automatically; blacklisting or whitelisting apps, detecting and protecting against jailbroken devices, and wiping or selectively wiping a device that is lost, stolen or out of compliance. Freedom for the user, control for the administrator.

When you need freedom and security on the move

We can improve your productivity on the move, having deployed device manager software such as XenMobile and AirWatch for a growing number of businesses.

Secure e-mail, browser and data sharing apps – An extensive range of applications helps to deliver a rich user experience with the management and control that IT requires.

Mobile app containers – Centralise IT management, security and control for any mobile app, whether created by a third party or enterprise IT.

Unified app store – Provides a single place for users to access all of their apps – mobile, web, SaaS, and Windows – on any device.

Identity management, single sign-on and scenario-based access control – Make it easy for IT to manage user access and radically simplify the user experience.

For more information on how our Mobile Device Management solutions can be adapted to fit your business, get in touch today and speak to one of our experts. Make the most of the working world away from the confines of the office desk.

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