Physical servers can be costly to house and maintain, particularly as a business looks to expand. Now, a series of virtual processes can drastically reduce the time and effort required to look after the hardware, as well as providing a plethora of other benefits.

For small businesses with too many underutilised servers or escalating IT costs, virtualisation offers relief by fundamentally changing the way IT resources are managed and deployed. Virtualisation provides unmatched flexibility, performance and utilisation by allowing you to move server workloads from one virtual workspace to the next, maximising server resources on the fly based on your business needs.

How can it help?

Virtualisation can help your company by offering:

Fast provisioning and dynamic load balancing –For improved application performance.

Simplified disaster recovery – Virtualisation’s single-system image makes recovery of important files a painless and simple process.

Consolidated servers with optimised workloads – Increase utilisation to accomplish more with fewer servers.

Reduced energy needs – Fewer servers means lower electricity and cooling bills. It’s a greener option for businesses, too, reducing your carbon footprint as well as running costs. The transition to using virtual servers frees up space in the office and the wallet, allowing you to do away with ageing hardware.

Through the use of virtual machines, businesses can increase their efficiency in terms of productivity and cost.  HTG have a vast amount of experience when it comes to the deployment of virtualisation solutions and virtual desktop infrastructures, adept at implementing XenServer, Hyper-V and VMware servers to name but a few, and can work with you to secure virtual server hosting and deploy the relevant virtual machine software.

We are specialists in the field when it comes to virtualisation and have helped many companies and organisations achieve more with our expert advice and knowledge.  Call us today to find out how we can improve your business through the power of virtualisation.

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