At HTG, we’re proud to be globally recognised Citrix accredited specialists partner. Our high level of experience and expertise in delivering Citrix solutions means we are able to benefit you as a customer, whether you’re an SME or an enterprise level client.

From our HQ on South Tyneside, we can deliver Citrix to organisations in the north east of England and beyond.

What is Citrix?

Citrix is a world-leading virtualisation platform that allows you and your staff to work securely and efficiently from anywhere in the world.

2017 has been identified as the year of the mobility tipping point – where working away from the office becomes more common.

Figures released in 2016 show that a 50% split between mobile and office working in 2015 is expected to reach 70% in favour of mobile working by as early as 2020.

With these statistics showing that more people are working away from the office, HTG can enable you to take advantage of this trend through Citrix and deliver a secure and agile way operating your business at the speed of life.

What does Citrix do?

Citrix enables you to deliver any application to any device, rapidly and securely.

As an example, any one of our customers can rapidly deploy a Windows workspace or application to any employee, regardless of their physical location or end device (Citrix receiver or HTML capable device PC, MAC, Linux, Thin Client, Apple, Mobile, Raspberry Pi etc).

By utilising the huge power of Citrix, HTG can design, build and manage highly secure virtual, mobile workspaces for you that deliver applications, desktops and data seamlessly to any employee, on any device, over any network or cloud.

What are the benefits of Citrix?

1. Reduce business security risk

The risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands is an ever present one for all businesses. Citrix reduces this security risk substantially by removing the need for any data to be stored on physical devices.

Instead, a secure connection to the user’s device means that your employees can work efficiently while all business data is stored securely in the cloud.

2. Enable true business continuity

What happens when IT goes down at your organisation’s headquarters? Or when there is a problem that prevents your employees from either getting to or working in the office?

Citrix enables business continuity through any disruption by allowing your employees to log in and work just as efficiently from wherever they are.

3. Deliver business agility

In the past, organisations often required their key people to be in the same physical location in order to do business.

Through the secure and flexible nature of Citrix, your key people are now able to push forward with business from anywhere in the world, enabling true business agility.

4. Deliver applications to anyone in your business

Another serious challenge that faces organisations, is the delivery of older software and applications to modern operating systems. Often this results in major problems that require additional cost outlay to solve.

Citrix solves this problem through application remediation & virtualisation. Application virtualisation enables any application or software to be packaged and delivered virtually to any device, without the need to upgrade or spend additional money to make the software compatible.

Digital Transformation

Deploying Windows 10/Office 365/Skype for business

Another serious challenge that faces organisations, is the deployment of latest technologies and costly time intensive rollout projects. Often this results in major problems that require additional cost outlay to solve. Using Citrix technologies, we can rapidly deploy a Windows 10 desktop along with key business applications such as Office 365 and Skype for business.

Utilising Citrix provisioned desktops alleviates the need to purchase new hardware to support Windows 10. As all the compute resource is provided from the data centre, once a new image is provisioned a simple reboot of the user device will enable the new Windows 10 desktop and applications. The deployment time for Windows 10 environment is minutes rather than months!


How secure is Citrix?

Citrix is committed to adhering to government security standards for encryption and accessibility. By continually staying ahead of the security curve, Citrix are an ideal fit for any organisation needing true security and encryption compliance.

Find out more about how secure Citrix is.

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