Machine Learning Cloud Optimization Service

DensifyTM is a cloud optimization company focused on tackling the skyrocketing costs of public cloud adoption.

Delivered as a service, its patented technology uses machine learning to automatically learn your cloud usage patterns 24/7, and proactively recommends what changes you should make and results to expect.

Densify is the perfect combination of SaaS-based analytics and expert guidance.


Public cloud cost optimization

Densify analyzes your detailed public cloud utilization and billing data to deliver the highest possible savings on your cloud bill. Our secret lies in our deep pattern-based workload analysis and transformation analysis that enable Densify to deliver advanced optimization of public cloud resources – we go far beyond anything else out there.


Optimize tech refresh and cloud migration plans

Transform, refresh and migrate infrastructure faster, with less risk and cost with purpose-built analytics that compare hosting options including on-premise and public cloud to optimize configurations, resource allocations and placements based on your unique requirements.

Automated, proactive and real-time on-premise infrastructure and bare metal cloud optimization

Densify reduces hardware requirements by an average of 33% with smart VM right-sizing and strategic VM placements that uniquely dovetail workloads to safely make the best use of resources. All the while meeting your workloads’ technical and business requirements to ensure your apps get everything they need. And because our predictive analytics know what resources your workloads need before they do, we proactively and automatically optimize your infrastructure, avoiding operational risks. We supplement this with real-time response to get you out of trouble when operational anomalies occur – giving you the most comprehensive solution for automated optimization.

Automated real-time hosting decisions and placements

Use science to nd the best possible hosting environment for your applications, whether that’s on-prem, public cloud, or bare metal considering all utilization, technical and business requirements. And automate the process in real-time for fast access or reserve capacity for future placements.

Reduce software license costs with smart VM placements

Save an average of 55% on core and processor-based software licensing in on-premise infrastructure and bare-metal cloud, by intelligently placing workloads to minimize host licensing requirements. Placements isolate VMs requiring the licenses from ones that don’t while also densifying for maximum efficiency. And we contain the VMs to licensed hosts to ensure ongoing compliance.

Unique Insight into Your Infrastructure

Densify uniquely dovetail workloads like in the game of Tetris® to optimally increase density. This means your applications run better and need less infrastructure, both on-prem and in the cloud.

Densify - unique insight into your infrastructure

Automated capacity control for hybrid cloud

Get visibility into your true capacity requirement, upcoming demand and available space, so you always know exactly what you need and when you will need it. With visibility into all your demand and complete visibility across all your infrastructure – both on-premise and in public cloud – Densify enables you to automatically optimize capacity decisions, even workload placements and resource allocations to ensure you always have the right amount of the right kind of capacity.

Automatically and proactively remove operational and capacity risk

Densify knows what resources your workloads need before they do. Reduce operational risks with VM sizing and placement optimization recommendations based on predictive views of your environments to avoid resource contention, performance risk and motioning.

Densification Advisor™

Unlike adopting yet another software product, Densify is a complete service. We host it, maintain it, manage it. But it’s not just about SaaS delivery, you even get a Densi cation Advisor watching over your account to manage data collection, tune policies and run the analyses. This means no implementation, no training, no manuals—just outcomes. Our Densi cation Advisors are the experts in infrastructure optimization. They act as an extension of your team, reducing your risk and costs in your hybrid cloud environment and ensuring your success with our service!


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