Data Centre Optimisation

Data Centre Optimisation

Data centres are at the heart of businesses and should be the epitome of health and efficiency. However, in reality inefficiencies build over time, management processes don’t evolve and become less effective, shadow IT creeps in and operating systems, applications and infrastructure reach the end of their life and need to be replaced. This results in instability and elevated risk which ultimately impacts business operations, security and compliance.

HTG’s data centre optimisation specialists can help you identify and remediate these issues, decreasing data centre complexity, unlocking capacity and reducing not only the immediate risks to your business but your IT operating expenses, as well as improving management and controls to meet compliance requirements.

Key Benefits

- Compliant
- Stable
- Secure
- Cost-efficient


Improves management and controls to meet requirements


Resolves inefficiencies causing instability


Improves management processes, end of life applications and infrastructure


Improving IT operating expenses

Our Partners

We have established relationships with leading hardware and software vendors, allowing us to develop bespoke solutions based on your organisations needs.

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