Citrix for Microsoft 365

Citrix for Microsoft 365

Reduce cost and complexity with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops solutions for Windows 10 and Windows Virtual Desktop.

Modernise your virtual apps and desktops deployments
with Citrix and Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop 




Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop provides an easy path to modernise your environment and reduce data center spending. Together, with robust Citrix management tools, administrators can take advantage of Windows Virtual Desktop including the new multi-session Windows 10 capabilities, extended support for desktop operating systems, and optimizations for Office 365 Pro Plus, while providing the best end-user experience through Citrix HDX optimizations.

Migrate to Windows 10

Full support for Windows 7 may have officially ended, but moving to Windows 10 remains a roadblock for many.

While an estimated 80% of PCs have migrated to Microsoft’s current Desktop platform, millions more still run on older versions. The longer you wait, the greater your exposure will be to potential security vulnerabilities. Then again, the transition is far from simple. How will you ensure critical apps are compatible with Windows 10? What needs to happen to prevent data loss? How can you ensure a consistent user experience across Mac, Chromebook and other devices? With Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, the process is quick and painless. Simply create a Windows 10 desktop image, deploy, and then make updated virtual desktops and compatible apps available to thousands of users. As new editions and patches arrive, you can implement them once before rolling out to all devices in minutes.

Virtualise Microsoft Teams

As enterprises look for better ways to collaborate, chat, conference and call in one central location, many are turning to Microsoft Teams.

Now that more than 13 million employees are using Microsoft’s popular collaboration hub on a daily basis, many want to access Teams on the different devices they use each day. With Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, they can. As the only way to optimise Microsoft Teams in a virtual environment, Citrix gives you a remarkably simple-but-powerful way to deliver across a wide range of operating systems. Users get a fully native high-definition experience, while you maintain server scalability and maximise security.

Enhance Office 365

With over 135 million monthly commercial users of Office 365, it’s no secret that enterprises everywhere are rapidly adopting cloud-based subscription services to lower costs and improve the user experience.

But not every organisation can use an online version of Office 365. For many, a hybrid approach is necessary. With Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, you can deliver an exceptional Office 365 experience on any device—Android, iOS, Linux, thin clients and more—while simultaneously increasing security and simplifying management. You’ll have full support for macros, plug-ins and other customisations, while users enjoy faster downloads and improved performance.

Embrace Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop

Are you thinking of taking the next step in your digital transformation journey?

For that, there’s Windows Virtual Desktop (visit getwvd). With more compliance certifications than any other cloud provider and 3,500+ dedicated security experts, the Microsoft Azure-hosted desktop virtualisation platform offers big benefits for enterprises ready to move to the cloud. Adding Citrix means an even better experience for your users, and server-like scalability for IT. Thanks to close collaboration with Microsoft engineers, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is a powerful solution that gives IT full hybrid management of on-premises and Azure-hosted workloads. It’s the fastest path to taking full advantage of your Windows Virtual Desktop and multi-session Windows 10 opportunities – all while maximising your existing data center investments and moving at the speed that works best for your business.

Insight Study

Read our study into how we developed and deployed a cloud-first strategy built on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Microsoft Azure for 3173 Limited.

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