Virtual Workspaces with Citrix Cloud

Virtual Workspaces with Citrix Cloud

Using Citrix Cloud brings many benefits to a virtual workspace solution. With the user-consumed resources hosted anywhere, the control element is provided as-a-service from the Citrix Cloud portfolio and connected securely to compute locations. Secure access and presentation can be managed from Citrix Cloud too, massively simplifying the management, administration and infrastructure requirements of complete desktop or application presentation.


Give employees the app and desktop experience they need to succeed – on any device, over any network.

Your workforce is changing. Employee needs are evolving. They need the most empowering experience possible. HTG can provide that experience through Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Employees get the same secure, virtual experience across operating systems, managed all in a single console.




Citrix and Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is a powerful solution that gives IT full hybrid management of on-premises and Azure-hosted workloads. It’s the fastest path to taking full advantage of your Windows Virtual Desktop and multi-session Windows 10 opportunities. For existing Citrix customers, WVD is a new way to expand into the Azure cloud, and at the same time preserve those on-premises investments. Using the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service, customers are able to manage these workloads in hybrid fashion using the familiar Citrix tools they know, while taking advantage of new capabilities such as cloud capacity bursting as data center limits are reached.

New customers can use all of the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop capabilities to build on top of the easy-to-consume WVD format, leveraging the Azure cloud for unlimited capacity and scale. In addition, organisations can more effectively tackle the challenges of connecting a cloud environment to business-critical, on-premises resources with WAN optimisation from Citrix to ensure an optimised end-user experience.

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Top ten Citrix value adds to Winsows Virtual Desktop

  • Performance and security analytics
    Targeted specifically at app and desktop virtualisation, these analytics tools give administrators deep visibility into user behaviour and session responsiveness, enabling IT to catch small issues before they become big ones.
  • Workspace environment management
    Optimise user density and logon performance with a suite of technologies targeted to improve user experience while maximising the value of IT spend.
  • Hybrid cloud management
    Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops provides a single management interface for Citrix workloads, on-premises or in Azure.*
    Migrate, capacity burst, or load balance between datacenter and cloud. *Windows 10 Enterprise support available only in Azure.
  • Session recording
    Access full record and playback of user sessions for issue diagnosis, compliance, or security audits.
  • Citrix HDX technology
    Leading-edge protocol delivers user experiences on any device, over any connection. Leverage built-in optimisations for interactive multimedia performance for Microsoft Teams and industry-standard telework apps.
  • Citrix app protection and watermarking
    Protect your environment from accidental or malicious data leakage.
  • Advanced monitoring
    Admin and helpdesk tools built for enterprise scale. Monitor site and session health, track user sessions, diagnose issues, and more.
  • AutoScale
    Scale your environment up or out based on schedule or load. Make the best use of your existing datacenter investment and ramp sessions into the cloud as needed. Scale cloud workloads dynamically on demand.
  • Citrix provisioning
    Tools that simplify administration and enhance environment reliability. Rapidly deploy environments of any scale.
  • Citrix app layering
    Flexible OS, application, and user layer technology enables an enhanced user experience while leveraging non-persistent environments.

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Read our study into how we developed and deployed a cloud-first strategy built on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for 3173 Limited.

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Key Benefits

- Efficient
- Compliant
- Simplified


Simplified management in Citrix Cloud


Secure connections to compute locations


Simplified management, administration and infrastructure requirements

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