Working from home

Is working from home the new normal?

Although many organisations have invoked their various business continuity plans and enabled their workforce to work remotely through accessing desktops, applications, and data – how effective has this process really been from a technology perspective?

Home working challenges

Managing a team remotely can be difficult, ensuring that they keep to the schedule expected in the office and produce the same quality of work.

The challenges of managing a team from home can be daunting.

The right tools for the job

Making sure remote workers have the right hardware, appropriate licensing, and proper security measures in place is important. This includes company devices with security standards that meet your organisational requirements.

Communication is key

In remote settings, employees must know how to manage themselves and often wear different hats. It is therefore important to ensure team members are aware of the company’s long-term and short-term goals.

Managing security

It can be difficult to keep information secure throughout your organisation. Regardless of where your remote workers are actually doing the work, travelling the globe or working from home, your team is responsible for keeping not only their personal information but corporate information, safe all the time.

You’ll need to ensure that your organisation’s sensitive and confidential information remains safe regardless of where your team works or the device used.

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